Working Together: Collaborating With Another YouTuber

Working Together With Other Creators

Working Together With Other CreatorsYou have found someone who wants to collaborate with you. Their channel complements yours and you know your audience will like seeing the two of you as creators working together. Now what? How can you work together to make the collaboration a success?

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Coming Up With Ideas Together

The topic of your collaboration depends on the combination of the channels involved. It should be something that both can equally contribute to and will be heavily influenced by the style of the collaboration you choose. A collaboration doesn’t look the same when the creators are doing a craft, a topical vlog, or a skit. Talk to your fellow collaborator and find out what they are interested in collaborating about. Come up with ideas together. While it is best to have an idea as to what direction you’d like to head when proposing a collaboration with someone, but isn’t mandatory. Think of your ideas as conversation starters.

Negotiating The Collaboration

Imagine you have written an amazing outline for a collaboration. You send it off to your fellow collaborator and they tell you they don’t like certain sections, replying telling you what they would change. What do you do? Do you call off the collaboration because the collaborator wants changes and your happy union isn’t going to work? You shouldn’t. In fact, you should see this as an opportunity for growth. You can learn a thing or two from someone else. Remember, a collaboration isn’t and shouldn’t be all about your channel or your idea. It is a joint project and the collaboration needs to reflect the partnership.

So, what should you do? Respect suggestions. Work in their revisions where appropriate. If you really feel like you can’t make the changes they are asking for, then pick something different to collaborate on. Maybe that particular idea isn’t the right fit for the two of you. Take the time you need together to figure out what will work for the both of you and don’t rush the creative process.

Collaboration Decisions

An important discussion point will be who is doing what and how the collaboration will be shared. Don’t just assume that because you approached a creator about collaborating that you do everything or should be the one to host the creation on your channel. Talk through the options and discuss the best approach.

Who is doing the editing?
Which channel will the video be hosted on? (If you are making separate videos, this won’t be something to worry about).
Will you be reviewing the final video together before it goes live?
Will you be creating a single video or multiple videos?
What information does the collaborator want in the video description?


When you are collaborating with another YouTuber, you have responsibilities and there are some expectations that you need to meet in order for people to want to work with you again.

Meeting Timelines
Set timelines together to know what needs to be done and when. One person may think that the collaboration isn’t due for two months while the other wants to release the video in two weeks. Schedules help everyone. Footage needs to be in by a certain date so editing can begin, resulting in the video being out on time. Communicate and set the dates so everyone knows what is expected of them and there is no confusion.

Film Your Part
Obviously, if you are making a video, you have a video or contribution to record. Make sure you are prepared and you get your contribution done. Give yourself enough time to get the shot right. Don’t do a rush job. The collaboration deserves just as much attention, if not more, as your own channel. You are wanting to do the best job you can not just for your channel but for the other creator’s channel as well. Both parties are reaching the other’s audience and you want to make a good first impression.

Post On The Designated Date
Remember that part about timelines? You have a release date to meet and if you are promoting correctly, people are waiting for the video. If you have a release schedule for your channel (ie. posting new videos every Tuesday), you want to make sure you meet the date you have committed to. Delivering on a promise builds trust between you and the audience and with the other creator.

Put Links In The Description
Give credit to the other collaborator. Show appreciation for their work on the project. Let your viewers know who you worked with by linking to their channel. If your collaborating involves more than one video, put links to the other videos in the description. This will help the viewer know how the collaboration ties together.

Promote the Video
Use you social networking sites to promote the video to your audience. Promote it prior to the video being released to let them know you have been working on a collaboration and it is coming soon. Build a buzz and momentum with the other creator and get both audiences excited to see what you created together.

A collaboration works when both parties put their best effort. Work together, set goals and make your audiences beg to see you collaborate together again in the future.



Cheryl lives in Alberta, Canada with her husband and six boys. She has been on YouTube since 2010 and is focused on highlighting the fun side of parenting. She is a soon to be published author and has a passion for helping others by sharing the tips and tricks she has learned along the way.

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About Cheryl

Cheryl lives in Alberta, Canada with her husband and six boys. She has been on YouTube since 2010 and is focused on highlighting the fun side of parenting. She is a soon to be published author and has a passion for helping others by sharing the tips and tricks she has learned along the way.

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